Food Product Wholesaler

Kellogg Supply Company is a Commercial Provider of Wholesale Food Products.

Kellogg Supply Company serves commercial food service operators focused on specialty applications. Let KSC work with you to fulfill all your product needs.


We are Proud of the Solutions We Deliver and See Ourselves as an Extension of Your Team.

One thing we’ve learned is that every customer faces unique challenges. Our extensive industry experience enables us to develop unique and customized solutions for every business.


The KSC Commercial Division Routinely Solves the Sourcing and Service Needs of Demanding Food Service Operators throughout the United States.

KSC Commercial understands that while every penny matters in the challenging food service environment, savings cannot come at the expense of either quality or service.

The KSC Commercial team immerses themselves in the business of each customer.

Through this deep understanding we are able to anticipate service needs, optimize product offerings, and continually deliver high quality solutions at costs that fit any budget.

Over the years KSC developed an extensive supplier base that provides top-quality product and flexibility to adapt as product preferences change, demand fluctuates, and unexpected supply issues arise.


Contact the Kellogg Commercial Team.

Our commercial team’s expertise gives you one-stop solutions.

Our deep product knowledge will help build menu solutions, that achieve everything from dietary standards to cost requirements.

Once the products are identified, our Customer Service and Logistics experts ensure that you are fully covered everyday.

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